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When Autumn Comes: Seasons of Hope for Medical + Disability Moms

Dec 14, 2023

The internet is an interesting place. A place of connections, for both good and bad. A place for sharing knowledge, and a place for following people you have never met. Every now and again a creepy internet stalker turns out to be an actual really wonderful person. Every now and again, that really wonderful person turns into a friend. Enter Amanda. 

This episode, we get to hear Amanda’s story. Amanda is a fellow mito mom of a beautiful little girl who is now watching over her from heaven. She is also an expectant mother of a baby boy. Amanda shares with us her journey, from the grief of losing her daughter, to the celebration of learning she was having a son. We discuss how she manages the two opposing emotions and how she hopes to keep her daughter’s memory alive. 

“To live in celebration, that’s unknown and foreign to me.” -Amanda

Here are the details from Amanda and Susan’s chat:

  • Introducing Amanda

  • Breaking all of the rules

  • Telling the world

  • Going in all directions

  • Grief and joy together

  • Impossible decisions

  • Letting the legacy live on

Medical motherhood is one filled with unique and challenging decisions, as well as unique and challenging emotions, sometimes in opposition and at the same time. Amanda has so graciously shared her story with us today, and I hope that it has been helpful for someone at home. Can you relate to Amanda’s story? Let me know in the When Autumn Comes Society or send me a DM on Instagram! I'd love to hear about how this helped you.


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